■ Unique 2 in 1 Micro-B and USB Type-A combo connector

■ Reversible Micro-B connector

■ Supports OTG function

■ Supports emergency charging between Android devices

■ Cable sleeved with nylon braiding

■ Connectors constructed with aluminum housing




Model No. SST-CPU02G / SST-CPU02S / SST-CPU02C
Color Gold / Silver / Charcoal
USB version USB 2.0
Connectors Micro-B combo USB-A x 1
Reversible Micro-B x 1
Cable protect Nylon braided
Cable length 1 meter (3.3ft)
Net weight 17.7g
Packing dimension 140mm (H) x 68.5mm (W) x 20mm (D)
5.51" (H) x 2.7" (W) x 0.79" (D)
Remark :
* To use emergency charging between devices, the phone or tablet’s output port needs to support OTG output function.
** For charging, the USB combo connector should be used on device providing power.
*** When charging, the power is limited by Micro-B connector’s output limit of 0.4A. So CPU02’s efficiency is lower than charging cables included with mobile devices or battery chargers. The CPU02 also cannot be used to charge batteries from mobile phones.

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     Due to its reversible Type-A connector design, it doesn’t have a “clicked in” feel like a normal Type A connector. So you need to push the connector a little harder to make sure it is fully seated in the USB port. It may take a couple of tries to get used to not having the “clicked in” feel.